My Small Shop Journey

My shop came about when it became really hard to find clothes for my daughter Elleni. She is beautiful, tall and slim. I didn’t really know where to find clothes that fit her well. Then I remembered that my father had bought me a sewing machine when I was 16 years old. From that point on I started making her clothes. It was not perfect, but then again, I was self-taught.

My family gave me a push to make clothes for others. I was very intimidated and scared of the outcome... about 6 years later and a lot of trial and error, I'm very glad I started my own small shop in late 2019. My beautiful Elleni is my inspiration in making my clothing line which includes dresses of different colors, tops, skirts, even small line of unisex clothes as well.

With me being the creative I am, I got curious about wire jewelry.

In addition to making children's clothes, I took a chance in making crystal wire jewelry. Making it a part of Elleni's Touch. I work with Genuine Crystals 14k Rose Gold, 14k Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver, and thankfully the chance I took on this got a great response from my supporting community.

I keep on growing as an individual and introducing ladies' clothes and little boy clothes has been awesome. This ongoing growth has made it a wonder experience. I appreciate all the support. 




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